• Callum Hawker

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide

So you planned the wedding, had the big day and now you’re finally married! All that’s left now is to enjoy married life and celebrate your wedding anniversary each and every year.

Did you know that it’s traditional to buy wedding gifts relating to the different stages of your marriage? Every year you will celebrate your wedding anniversary, you may not know which we are represented by… Now you have this handy guide to wedding anniversary gifts, You'll always know!

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts(UK)

1st – Paper 2nd – Cotton 3rd – Leather 4th – Linen 5th – Wooden 6th – Iron 7th – Copper 8th – Bronze 9th – Pottery 10th – Tin

11th – Steel 12th – Silk & Fine Linen 13th – Lace

14th – Ivory

15th – Crystal

20th – China 25th – Silver 30th – Pearl 35th – Coral 40th – Ruby 50th – Gold 60th – Diamond 65th – Blue Sapphire 70th – Platinum 80th – Oak 85th – Wine 90th – Stone

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