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How to Address Wedding Invitations

Addressing your wedding invitations can be a little more tasking than you’d previously thought. Even when you’ve already hired a calligrapher or stationer to do it, you’ll discover it doesn’t just end there. There is more to addressing wedding invitations than just slapping postcards on them and sending them through the mail. For starters, you must gather all of your guest’s names and their mailing addresses. Thank God for the internet now because this one could take forever!

The number of guests could also determine if you’d be tearing your hair out by the end or not. And that’s not even the end. There are rules!!! Did we hear you groan? Don’t give up just yet. This is a necessity for you to have the celebration that is worth it with your loved ones. Besides, we’ve got you covered with the rules part in this article. Below, we summarize the rules to follow for addressing wedding invitations the right way.

  • Full names are important when addressing the wedding envelopes

  • Include whatever titles that they have like “Dr.”, “PhD” and “Esq”.

  • Spell any Street's Name Out Fully

  • Spell out the numbers in the street's name, too. Write Thirty-Third Street rather than 33rd Street.

  • Rather than writing “And Guest”, include the name of their serious partners and plus-ones.

  • If they’re allowed to come with their children, then write “And family” after the parent’s names.

  • If there is North, South, East or West in the Address, do not abbreviate it.

  • Do not abbreviate generational suffices like “Senior” and “Junior” either.

  • If they’re a married couple of different sex with the same last name, you can use Mr and Mrs (The man’s full name) or write out each person’s first name. For example, Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Watson.

  • If they’re a married couple of the same sex with the same last name, use “The Mssrs”. “The Mesdames”, “Mrs. and Mrs.” or “Mr. and Mr.”

  • If they’re a married couple of different sex with different last names, write out the full name with a “Mr.” and a “Mrs” in front.

  • For a married couple of the same sex and different last names, both full names should be listed. They should be on the same line with the “And” conjunction and preceded by the appropriate title.

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