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Why Doing First Look Is A Wonderful Idea

We know you won’t be able to wait to see each other on the wedding day so how about considering a first look?

There is nothing more emotional and romantic as a first look on a wedding day. The trend of the bride and groom seeing each other privately before the ceremony has been around for a while and continues to be popular.

The photographer will take the groom to a private area that is shaded and lovely for photos. Then the bride will come and tap her love on the shoulder and step back so they can admire each other in their wedding attire for the first time. There are tears, laughter and tender embraces. It’s absolutely the most romantic and intimate moment ever. 

You still have the experience of walking down the aisle and seeing each other (as you separate again before the ceremony), but a first look is far more personal. Trust us, the feeling of walking up the aisle is still joyful and amazing even if you saw each other an hour earlier. 

There are many reasons why a first look can be a great idea apart from the romantic notion of stealing some alone moments before the wedding ceremony.

Doing a first look releases some natural stress and nervousness you might have before the ceremony. You will feel more relaxed if you have seen each other a little earlier which is a great option for people who are prone to anxiety. You have some moments together to say, "Wow, the day we have been waiting for so long is finally here." The pressure is released and transformed into pure excitement and it helps the day go more smoothly. 

Also you get more time for couple photos before the ceremony which is a huge bonus if you are having a winter wedding with an early sunset or are getting married as the sun goes down.

Photographers love first looks. It is a chance to get photos in areas that might not be accessible after the ceremony as well as a time to get close, meaningful images without everyone watching. The vibe to the photos is different and well worth the effort. 

Doing a first look is a time efficient plan. We don't like to think it will happen but if it did rain during or shortly after the ceremony you would be so happy to have those outdoor couple photos taken in advance. Also you only need a shorter couple session after the ceremony and bridal party photos, then can join the guests for cocktail hour. So you don't miss the fun of mingling with drinks before the wedding reception begins. 

Make sure it's only the two of you and your photographer (and videographer if you have one) at the first look. Often bridesmaids or mothers will want to come along but it takes away from the whole idea of it being just the bride and groom's moment to share. If you feel uncomfortable ask your photographer to lay down the law as they will also want minimal people to be present.

Make sure your hair and make-up artist stays in the room for touch-ups after the first look. Although you won't get messy or disheveled during a first look you do want to look absolutely perfect as you walk down the aisle. 

If you are not overly traditional and are all about the photos or want a relaxed and chilled vibe to your wedding day consider doing a first look. Brides and grooms who follow the first look trend always say it was amazing and are so glad they decided to try it.

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